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PhotoSnap used independently by our customers globally

tuf clothing

Photosnap marketing is successfully being used independently by our customers globally. Our registration process and admin panel is very user friendly which can be used from anywhere in the world without any technical support. TUF clothing used photosnap marketing independently in their booth at world of dance event in LasVegas, USA. They used a backdrop and took pictures of their attendees in front of the back drop using android device. Email option was used to instantly giveaway the pictures. In the end they collected vast amount of data and created massive social media buzz.

Ink Badger


Inkbadger from Florida used PhotoSnap marketing independently in the Blooming With Autism Live Auction Art show which was a charity event for Autism. They also used a back drop to attract attendees to take pictures and used the email method to giveaway instant branded pictures. They collected a lot of data to promote awareness for Autism and also created viral autism awareness in the social media.

Ink Badger


PhotoSnap marketing is the most effective way of marketing your brand, cause and event. Simply register and log in to our admin panel to start using for your next big promotion. Don’t wait start your viral marketing NOW!!

PhotoSnap Marketing at VapeJam UK 2015



8 MAY 2015 to 9 MAY 2015

In London UK for the first time ever an exhibition dedicated solely to the vaping industry. The doors opened to manufactures from around the world, vendors and vapers who joined in to the array of activities and shows.

PhotoSnap Marketing played a huge role within the event providing unforgettable memorabilia to all attendees. Fun and engaging media capture, live as it happens and instantly available in the social media for the world to view, comment and share.

Two methods of media capture was deployed using the PhotoSnap marketing technology. The first method was near the entrance with a Galaxy Camera NX on a tripod and a branded backdrop. The second method was the “walkabout”, where a confident event staff armed with an iPad will engage the attendee and capture photos and videos. 

The first method using the Galaxy Camera NX  on a tripod attracted the attendee to the attraction point. At the event people were queuing up to have their picture taken in front of the backdrop. A very quick process, take picture, hand them a memorabilia QR card and a quick explanation as to what to do with it. The photographer encourages to share the photo and have more pictures taken and added to the card during the event.

The second method was more fun and engaging for the attendees and the event staff taking part. The event staff became the brand ambassador, engaging an promoting the brand. Event staff Anita was having lots of fun, having a chat, taking photos and handing out memorabilia QR cards. 


Quite often she would draw crowds as people wanted to get in on the group photos.

There was a moment where she stood on stage and took a picture of the crowd, handed them all a QR card and asked them all to scan and share all at the same time, creating a huge buzz in the social media. The crowd all participated and enjoyed the activity. 

To encourage more sharing two of her friends, also event staff, joined in to help. Wearing branded teeshirts they conveniently positioned themselves to have their picture taken with the event attendees. They captured many photos and had lots of fun doing it. 

Watch PhotoSnap at VapeJamUK 2015 video: 

Promote a brand with a smile on social media



Whether we admit it or not, everyone like to think we’re popular. Many of us remain apparent in sharing every moment with friends online and not with everyone. Before digitization, people used to pass around their holiday pictures at family gathering or make people sit together in the front room to look at videos or pictures. But in current scenario where people use smartphones and social network, we can’t only share experiences instantly through photography but we can also get the validation by the feedback of our friends, colleagues and relatives.

The reason behind increase in use of social networks has been the genuine need of people to engage themselves in social relationship with their friends. They desire to show off their places or events that have been to and share their experiences. Other people are interested in sharing genuine achievements like participating the Marathon or taking part in any other role or Race for Life. The positive comments motivate and encourages for the best results. Photography acts as a medium for this old adage that says “a picture speaks a thousand words. “It not only conveys your message but also sets you in the context of the event or situation you want to share. Photography has in fact become a medium which we use in our lives and we are so much involved in it these days that we want to capture every moment in an image and share it with others throughout the world. The ease to access technology enables to do anything in real time.

Imagine, now, if you as a brand could share the special moments and be part of it that each of us wants to share with our friends. Imagine that, in a subtle and conspicuous manner, you could be in a picture with your friend at London, sharing this image impose some credibility on the image that you wouldn’t get from simply the picture on its own. That’s how photo marketing works and authenticates the experience by linking it to a particular brand and proving what you said or did in a way to enhance rather than detracting it from your achievement. So, make your brand popular by joining in the experience with your friend or group and enjoy the benefits of word of mouth advertising.

Get maximum benefit from social networks by photo marketing



Brands that engage the consumers via shared photographs and video successfully will enjoy the benefits derived from the online presence on social media sites. Brand’s marketing agencies are making changes to their marketing strategy to recognize the importance of branding images and video, however, the continuous search for more innovative methods can be daunting in the ever-change environment of the social media. The best way to adapt to this is to become an avid user of the PhotoSnap marketing technology.

We should realize the significance of photo marketing as 70% of the content remains powerful as it is photographic. These days, Twitter is focusing mainly on sharing of photo and Google+ exploring innovative ways to make photo sharing easier by the users.

In the month of September, 2014, Facebook disclosed that it hosts more than 250 billion pictures and people upload more than 350 million pictures to it every day. When looked at from the perspective of a brand then it indicates that image sharing promotes word of mouth marketing that helps to endorse a brand.

Out of the 1000 branded photographs clicked at any event or campaign, each one gets downloaded, shared and seen by at least 50 Facebook friends. This gives rise to approximately 115,000 brand impressions on Facebook and at least 6500 hits on the website. In the current scenario, brands should not miss out this opportunity to engage the prospective consumers and must make endeavor to move effectively into social photographic space.

These days Twitter is making all efforts to position itself as the best platform for brands and other individuals by broadcasting viral images.Facebook will certainly respond to it. Also, the outgrowth of micro-video apps increases real-time sharing of video. In either ways, the prospects for brands are going to rise in coming period.

The technology of photo marketing changes the way everyone view the pictures and gives a visual interface for instant branding. It offers event attendees to enjoy a free clicked picture. In an event, an employee scans a card with a unique QR code and takes the card and gives it to the attendee who can download the image immediately without any charge. While downloading the picture, the attendees provide valuable information and are motivated to share the photograph with friends and colleagues via social networking sites. These sites are linked to the client’s website to drive more traffic and help in search engine optimization in an organic way.

Drive the Social Obsession with smartphone images



Before the advent of smart phones, photo sharing on social networks revolved only about photography having granular appearance, embarrassing pictures, holiday snaps that other people wanted to see with a few related to furry pets and natural beauty. A place was considered as reserved for the individuals and for many as a sanctuary from brands and advertising messages. But now scenario has been changed completely. Brands have realized the importance of social networks and how to leverage it in a manner that isn’t intrusive and engages maximum prospective clients. Further, natural engagement makes users happy and motivates them to share a brand or product information. As a result, the benefits can be more significant than it could be imagined. This indicates the role of photo marketing and proves that it’s here to stay and can be considered as the future of marketing.

Another reason responsible for this new innovation is rise in the use of smart phones. Nobody can deny the fact that smart phones are changing the way we work, play and manage our money. Pew Research states that half of the American adults uses Smartphone and rate of ownership tends to expand in every age except in people over the age of 65. Recent research indicates that 71% of people access social media from mobile devices and this fundamentally affects the dynamics in terms of how we receive and post information on social networks and how brands deliver their marketing messages. Brands must tap into this power of mobile marketing and draw optimum benefit from social media. Of course, increase in use of mobile devices signifies greater use of images. Two major social networking platforms Facebook and Twitter have recognized the desire of the people to communicate through pictures more than text whilst sites like Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and mobile applications like Whats app, Line, We Chat, Viber are growing in popularity as they are also image-oriented.

The total number of smartphone sales exceeded feature phone sales worldwide. Gartner reported increase of smartphone sales up 46.5% from the previous year. The demand for image content is going to grow and compete in that social space. All brands should adopt interesting and creative approaches for photo marketing as the rewards for brands put themselves in the picture could be enormous.

Convert Event attendees into Brand Superfans with Media Capture Marketing



Today, marketers are trying to convert each customer into a social media contributor by promoting your brand. These contributors are better known as super fans as they spread the message in the most effective way. Social marketers must make maximum efforts to promote a brand and increase the number of likes.

The key to social marketing: User Generated Information

When any event attendee posts User Generated Information about your brand then they are infact endorsing your brand among friends and peers. PhotoSnap marketing is a social marketing app that helps to control the whole process. The employees at the event converts the attendees into superfan. One or more of the employees uses this app to capture a branded picture or video of the attendee which then the attendee shares via social network. This leads to create a branded story for the client to enjoy and share with other people in the network.

Event staff captures customer’s images and convert them to social media stories

The PhotoSnap app gives various ways to capture and deliver images by the employees. They can download this app to any iOS or Android device and start capturing branded moments with attendees as the spotlight. The team at the event then starts sharing the pictures with the customers by entering an email address or giving photo access cards and if required, handing over the printed photo. PhotoSnap offers various options to convert pictures and videos into visual social media and promotes sharing.

Prospective Clients visit your custom brand’s Page to view and share

The link of the branded giveaway cards or photo delivery emails goes directly to your brand’s custom page or micro site of the campaign where the attendee can view the image and share it to take maximum benefit of online promotions or coupon downloads. It helps to create real fans of your brand that will help to actually promote your message to others. Further, the event managers can build photo retrieval and sharing techniques directly into the custom page of the brand.

Create your own story or give valuable information to motivate customers to post about your brand

It is true that limited number of event attendees contributes to social media about your brand. PhotoSnap marketing amplifies the information and makes it interesting so that every customer shares your brand information.

The story or information depend on how many superfans you want to create and what story you want to be shared by the customers as it can be that they purchased your product, supported your brand or enter into contests with you. Choose the story and make sure that it is built around every photo or video you capture.

The team members of the event can run this application on any device like Android, iPad, iPhones and other smartphones to convert all the staff into social media superstars. So, know the purpose of your social media strategy and create consumer stories that revolve around your message.

Latest Social Marketing Tool: Android and iOS devices



Run the ultimate social marketing tool on your android or iOS device as it converts face to face interaction into visual media that can be shared instantly on social network. PhotoSnap marketing allows businesses to deliver direct marketing to their target audience. Make sure to hand over photo access cards to your customers that will spark sharing.

Consider to hand out a branded photo print with a unique key code. This code allows the users to access a digital copy of their photo or video, which can be directly shared on Facebook. The Photo SnapCard system creates a branded story that amplifies the number of shares by giving customers interesting reason to share on social networks. It also helps to collect valuable information of the prospective customer as the page asks for it when the customers sign in to view their images.

PhotoSnap marketing app offers multiple ways to deliver the picture or video to the attendee. Follow the method that suits your promotion requirements and seems convenient to use by the maximum attendees. Handing out a branded print, typing an email address to get digital photo or hand guests a branded SnapCard with photo retrieval options like special offers or incentives are the various ways to choose.

In some cases, a print can be given to a guest with a private key to access the online photo. Giveaway cards make it easy for brands to actuate the users anywhere at a large scale. As a brand ambassador all you need to do is to scan the QR code on the SnapCard with the PhotoSnap app to activate it or enter the attendees email address to send the digital image direct to their inbox.

Giving the link on the photo, branded giveaway cards or photo delivery emails takes the attendee to the Brand’s page where the customer can see the image and share it to get benefit of online contests and other special offers. This seems to be the best way to build more fans and followers and engage them. The brand’s photo-retrieval page can be customized to suit the theme of the promotion or event. It will transform the front-line staff into super ambassadors for your brand and gives a chance to every staff member to become a brand ambassador for your brand.

What’s more, photosnap marketing is a powerful app designed to be learned easily and offers control and presentation that brands necessitate. Conclusively, we can say that this app improves the face to face interaction and positions your brand by photo-sharing to ensure that event and other experiences are amplified across the social networking sites.

Best of all, it can be run on any device and help to turn your staff into social media superstars.

Best techniques for event marketing



Marketing any event requires a lot of thinking. You have to think upon the kind of people who you want to be your audience and the marketing strategies to use for promoting your offering. To reach maximum number of prospective clients, make sure to create a positive strategy and make sure to adhere to it.

In a crazy world with various types of offerings, marketing messages are fighting with each other to get noticed. Even a marketer doesn’t know which campaign has got your message to maximum people. On the other hand, customers would much rather be spared to high decibel messages and want sufficient information to make any purchase decision.

To offer a solution on this, event marketing fits and over time, it has emerged as a stronger concept that goes beyond just sponsorship. Most of the marketers are using events as a platform for greater interaction between their brand and the customers and this adds a human dimension to the entire process of communication.

Such type of marketing offers a perfect platform to get the sole right to the customer’s mind with lower chances of any distortion of the message. Also, it gives an opportunity to get quick feedback from the customer and the communication can be modified accordingly.

We can say that any form of event marketing is an effective way to build a brand name and stimulate sales. The form of marketing to use depends on the type of business. For instance, a tradeshow or a launch party can be a great way to introduce a new gadget or vehicle while a simple product tasting or sample distribution can be planned for a product like tea or coffee. All these marketing tactics brings value to the target audience.

Try to involve more people into the job by getting any local celebrity or inviting the brand ambassador of the product or service. Use crowd pulling tactics and make efforts to invite a person with lots of contacts as they could help you to make more and more people turn to your event. Make your event like an interesting party and the strategy must be attuned to promote the offerings in an indirect way.

Last but not the least, be respectful in all your promotional activities and do not discriminate against race, sex or education as it will help to get a positive turnout. Give all the information required by the attendees clearly to enhance participation.

How to market the event creates a difference in the number of people who turn up to your event and make sure to follow good marketing strategies and it will help to get maximum benefit.

Engage your audience with techy ways



Technology plays an important role in every industry. Even events make effective use of it in the form of event apps, event websites, digital signage, presentation graphics and digital check-in. Thus, event technology saves time and paper and engages audience.

We can say that technology is a key factor in all events as it helps to improve and streamline the experience of the attendees. This leads to forward thinking and motivate event planners to use digital alternatives to personalize events and create different experiences.

Here, you will have a glance at ways to capture the imagination of the audience and enhance engagement by using technology.

Create a buzz with ample publicity

Start your event with a wow factor at the time of arrival. Most of the event planners must have heard about video mapping. It can be used for amazing effect at a product launch of high profile brands for widespread publicity and make a real impact. The use of customized design and new technology leads to effective marketing.

Display Logos and attract attendees

Forget about using traditional banners, gimmicks and backdrops and choose a creative way that will make attendees wow about promotions. Consider effective display of logos and names at event through using water, light and other modes of technology.

For instance, an information waterfall can be used that uses solenoid valves across the top of a huge metal structures to release water droplets in a specified pattern and create an image by spelling out a word. This can be possible by using a special computer program me to customize the experience. Also, think about lightning to give an appealing effect.

Digital Ice Breakers

Technology must play its role after guest’s arrival to set the mood. Follow a modern way to promote with digital caricaturists to make guests mingle with each other.

Digital caricaturists can instantly upload your pictures, email or even print them for guests.  These pictures can also be customized to with logos or a particular event theme for photo marketing.

Personal branded media

A new innovation is about to storm the events, the photo marketing system designed to make any brand go viral. Harness the technology by taking photos and videos, generate QR cards and much more to promote your product. It will definitely inspire and engage attendees.

Conclusively, we can say that event technology is here to say and all you need to do is find your innovative way and incorporate digital alternatives to attract maximum customers and make an event successful and imbibe a fresh feel to the attendees.

Reasons to follow event marketing



Event marketing strategies leads to brand promotion by display or promotion of a product service or any organization to leverage personal engagement. Any event can be planned online or offline, hosted or sponsored. The promotion can be done by via inbound and outbound techniques of marketing.

Today, we live in buyer-empowered world where every marketer wants to seize different opportunities to build strong relationships with customer, develop goodwill, and create trust among potential customers and clients. The modern consumers are not attracted just by a sales pitch to make their purchase decision. Think of a unique sales pitch by planning events. Events offer an opportunity to know different products and marketing technology that different companies are adopting to get a sense of company’s focus and perspective.

Events must be organized in such a way to lay an effective impact. Although, the impact depends on the goals but most of the company’s events create a long lasting impression on the minds of the customers. 

There are various reasons that motivate companies to follow event marketing. A small company wants to get exposure and a large company needs personal interaction with target audience. Take a look to know why most of the companies consider participating in event:

Brand Positioning and Customer Awareness 

One of the key reason for event participation is brand positioning. Any type of event marketing allows the company to establish its identity. It gives a perfect platform to share ideas, benefits and name among prospects and create maximum customer awareness. 

Lead Generation 

Another reason that motivates event participation is that events give a platform to generate leads. Infact, it’s one of the best ways to target demographic and help a company to interact with prospective clients and create their interest. 

Customer Engagement and Up sell 

Events offer the best chance for personal interaction with unparallel level of customer engagement. It helps marketer to realize biggest return by making new customers. At events, you will get an opportunity to up sell by launching the products or services and making them address their requirements. 


Some people attend different types of events for networking and to get information on latest products or services in the market. Both these factors affect sales. Although, it doesn’t matter as what type of event you are participating rather it is important to impart the best knowledge to the target audience so that they will value your offerings and sets your company apart from others. 

All these reasons will definitely bring success and increase revenue to your company.