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Take Perfect Selfies with PhotoSnap

Take perfect selfies with PhotoSnap


The photoSnap app for tablet and iPad has a self timer with which your guests can click photos of themselves without any assistance. You can turn the tablet or iPad in to a photo booth or just simply hang it or place it anywhere. Think out of the box and create a unique party with innovative marketing technology.

PhotoSnap tablet or iPad app is very simple to use. Facing the tablet or the iPad your guests will be taking photos using the front camera of the device. The photo with your brand overlay will be clicked after a five second countdown when they press the camera button. This unique self timer gives your guests enough time to prepare for the perfect selfies. After clicking the photo your guests will have to scan a SnapCard or input their email and press the upload button for completion. They can retrieve their photo by scanning the SnapCard or through the photo retrieval page link sent to their email.

PhotoSnap app is a lot of fun and your guests will be throughly entertained taking countless selfies with friends or by themselves. PhotoSnap will be the the most talked about attraction in your party. Your guest will take back with them the SnapCard which will have your brand logo and theme as a keepsake of the party and never throw it away as it contains their photos. The photo retrieval page will also have your brand logo and theme which is again a reminder of your brand. Your guest will put Facebook like or twitter follows and email address before accessing their photos which gives you all the data required. Finally, they will share the party photos all over the social media making your party and brand go viral.