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Engage your audience with techy ways



Technology plays an important role in every industry. Even events make effective use of it in the form of event apps, event websites, digital signage, presentation graphics and digital check-in. Thus, event technology saves time and paper and engages audience.

We can say that technology is a key factor in all events as it helps to improve and streamline the experience of the attendees. This leads to forward thinking and motivate event planners to use digital alternatives to personalize events and create different experiences.

Here, you will have a glance at ways to capture the imagination of the audience and enhance engagement by using technology.

Create a buzz with ample publicity

Start your event with a wow factor at the time of arrival. Most of the event planners must have heard about video mapping. It can be used for amazing effect at a product launch of high profile brands for widespread publicity and make a real impact. The use of customized design and new technology leads to effective marketing.

Display Logos and attract attendees

Forget about using traditional banners, gimmicks and backdrops and choose a creative way that will make attendees wow about promotions. Consider effective display of logos and names at event through using water, light and other modes of technology.

For instance, an information waterfall can be used that uses solenoid valves across the top of a huge metal structures to release water droplets in a specified pattern and create an image by spelling out a word. This can be possible by using a special computer program me to customize the experience. Also, think about lightning to give an appealing effect.

Digital Ice Breakers

Technology must play its role after guest’s arrival to set the mood. Follow a modern way to promote with digital caricaturists to make guests mingle with each other.

Digital caricaturists can instantly upload your pictures, email or even print them for guests.  These pictures can also be customized to with logos or a particular event theme for photo marketing.

Personal branded media

A new innovation is about to storm the events, the photo marketing system designed to make any brand go viral. Harness the technology by taking photos and videos, generate QR cards and much more to promote your product. It will definitely inspire and engage attendees.

Conclusively, we can say that event technology is here to say and all you need to do is find your innovative way and incorporate digital alternatives to attract maximum customers and make an event successful and imbibe a fresh feel to the attendees.