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Latest Social Marketing Tool: Android and iOS devices



Run the ultimate social marketing tool on your android or iOS device as it converts face to face interaction into visual media that can be shared instantly on social network. PhotoSnap marketing allows businesses to deliver direct marketing to their target audience. Make sure to hand over photo access cards to your customers that will spark sharing.

Consider to hand out a branded photo print with a unique key code. This code allows the users to access a digital copy of their photo or video, which can be directly shared on Facebook. The Photo SnapCard system creates a branded story that amplifies the number of shares by giving customers interesting reason to share on social networks. It also helps to collect valuable information of the prospective customer as the page asks for it when the customers sign in to view their images.

PhotoSnap marketing app offers multiple ways to deliver the picture or video to the attendee. Follow the method that suits your promotion requirements and seems convenient to use by the maximum attendees. Handing out a branded print, typing an email address to get digital photo or hand guests a branded SnapCard with photo retrieval options like special offers or incentives are the various ways to choose.

In some cases, a print can be given to a guest with a private key to access the online photo. Giveaway cards make it easy for brands to actuate the users anywhere at a large scale. As a brand ambassador all you need to do is to scan the QR code on the SnapCard with the PhotoSnap app to activate it or enter the attendees email address to send the digital image direct to their inbox.

Giving the link on the photo, branded giveaway cards or photo delivery emails takes the attendee to the Brand’s page where the customer can see the image and share it to get benefit of online contests and other special offers. This seems to be the best way to build more fans and followers and engage them. The brand’s photo-retrieval page can be customized to suit the theme of the promotion or event. It will transform the front-line staff into super ambassadors for your brand and gives a chance to every staff member to become a brand ambassador for your brand.

What’s more, photosnap marketing is a powerful app designed to be learned easily and offers control and presentation that brands necessitate. Conclusively, we can say that this app improves the face to face interaction and positions your brand by photo-sharing to ensure that event and other experiences are amplified across the social networking sites.

Best of all, it can be run on any device and help to turn your staff into social media superstars.