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Convert Event attendees into Brand Superfans with Media Capture Marketing



Today, marketers are trying to convert each customer into a social media contributor by promoting your brand. These contributors are better known as super fans as they spread the message in the most effective way. Social marketers must make maximum efforts to promote a brand and increase the number of likes.

The key to social marketing: User Generated Information

When any event attendee posts User Generated Information about your brand then they are infact endorsing your brand among friends and peers. PhotoSnap marketing is a social marketing app that helps to control the whole process. The employees at the event converts the attendees into superfan. One or more of the employees uses this app to capture a branded picture or video of the attendee which then the attendee shares via social network. This leads to create a branded story for the client to enjoy and share with other people in the network.

Event staff captures customer’s images and convert them to social media stories

The PhotoSnap app gives various ways to capture and deliver images by the employees. They can download this app to any iOS or Android device and start capturing branded moments with attendees as the spotlight. The team at the event then starts sharing the pictures with the customers by entering an email address or giving photo access cards and if required, handing over the printed photo. PhotoSnap offers various options to convert pictures and videos into visual social media and promotes sharing.

Prospective Clients visit your custom brand’s Page to view and share

The link of the branded giveaway cards or photo delivery emails goes directly to your brand’s custom page or micro site of the campaign where the attendee can view the image and share it to take maximum benefit of online promotions or coupon downloads. It helps to create real fans of your brand that will help to actually promote your message to others. Further, the event managers can build photo retrieval and sharing techniques directly into the custom page of the brand.

Create your own story or give valuable information to motivate customers to post about your brand

It is true that limited number of event attendees contributes to social media about your brand. PhotoSnap marketing amplifies the information and makes it interesting so that every customer shares your brand information.

The story or information depend on how many superfans you want to create and what story you want to be shared by the customers as it can be that they purchased your product, supported your brand or enter into contests with you. Choose the story and make sure that it is built around every photo or video you capture.

The team members of the event can run this application on any device like Android, iPad, iPhones and other smartphones to convert all the staff into social media superstars. So, know the purpose of your social media strategy and create consumer stories that revolve around your message.