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Drive the Social Obsession with smartphone images



Before the advent of smart phones, photo sharing on social networks revolved only about photography having granular appearance, embarrassing pictures, holiday snaps that other people wanted to see with a few related to furry pets and natural beauty. A place was considered as reserved for the individuals and for many as a sanctuary from brands and advertising messages. But now scenario has been changed completely. Brands have realized the importance of social networks and how to leverage it in a manner that isn’t intrusive and engages maximum prospective clients. Further, natural engagement makes users happy and motivates them to share a brand or product information. As a result, the benefits can be more significant than it could be imagined. This indicates the role of photo marketing and proves that it’s here to stay and can be considered as the future of marketing.

Another reason responsible for this new innovation is rise in the use of smart phones. Nobody can deny the fact that smart phones are changing the way we work, play and manage our money. Pew Research states that half of the American adults uses Smartphone and rate of ownership tends to expand in every age except in people over the age of 65. Recent research indicates that 71% of people access social media from mobile devices and this fundamentally affects the dynamics in terms of how we receive and post information on social networks and how brands deliver their marketing messages. Brands must tap into this power of mobile marketing and draw optimum benefit from social media. Of course, increase in use of mobile devices signifies greater use of images. Two major social networking platforms Facebook and Twitter have recognized the desire of the people to communicate through pictures more than text whilst sites like Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and mobile applications like Whats app, Line, We Chat, Viber are growing in popularity as they are also image-oriented.

The total number of smartphone sales exceeded feature phone sales worldwide. Gartner reported increase of smartphone sales up 46.5% from the previous year. The demand for image content is going to grow and compete in that social space. All brands should adopt interesting and creative approaches for photo marketing as the rewards for brands put themselves in the picture could be enormous.