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Get maximum benefit from social networks by photo marketing



Brands that engage the consumers via shared photographs and video successfully will enjoy the benefits derived from the online presence on social media sites. Brand’s marketing agencies are making changes to their marketing strategy to recognize the importance of branding images and video, however, the continuous search for more innovative methods can be daunting in the ever-change environment of the social media. The best way to adapt to this is to become an avid user of the PhotoSnap marketing technology.

We should realize the significance of photo marketing as 70% of the content remains powerful as it is photographic. These days, Twitter is focusing mainly on sharing of photo and Google+ exploring innovative ways to make photo sharing easier by the users.

In the month of September, 2014, Facebook disclosed that it hosts more than 250 billion pictures and people upload more than 350 million pictures to it every day. When looked at from the perspective of a brand then it indicates that image sharing promotes word of mouth marketing that helps to endorse a brand.

Out of the 1000 branded photographs clicked at any event or campaign, each one gets downloaded, shared and seen by at least 50 Facebook friends. This gives rise to approximately 115,000 brand impressions on Facebook and at least 6500 hits on the website. In the current scenario, brands should not miss out this opportunity to engage the prospective consumers and must make endeavor to move effectively into social photographic space.

These days Twitter is making all efforts to position itself as the best platform for brands and other individuals by broadcasting viral images.Facebook will certainly respond to it. Also, the outgrowth of micro-video apps increases real-time sharing of video. In either ways, the prospects for brands are going to rise in coming period.

The technology of photo marketing changes the way everyone view the pictures and gives a visual interface for instant branding. It offers event attendees to enjoy a free clicked picture. In an event, an employee scans a card with a unique QR code and takes the card and gives it to the attendee who can download the image immediately without any charge. While downloading the picture, the attendees provide valuable information and are motivated to share the photograph with friends and colleagues via social networking sites. These sites are linked to the client’s website to drive more traffic and help in search engine optimization in an organic way.