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Promote a brand with a smile on social media



Whether we admit it or not, everyone like to think we’re popular. Many of us remain apparent in sharing every moment with friends online and not with everyone. Before digitization, people used to pass around their holiday pictures at family gathering or make people sit together in the front room to look at videos or pictures. But in current scenario where people use smartphones and social network, we can’t only share experiences instantly through photography but we can also get the validation by the feedback of our friends, colleagues and relatives.

The reason behind increase in use of social networks has been the genuine need of people to engage themselves in social relationship with their friends. They desire to show off their places or events that have been to and share their experiences. Other people are interested in sharing genuine achievements like participating the Marathon or taking part in any other role or Race for Life. The positive comments motivate and encourages for the best results. Photography acts as a medium for this old adage that says “a picture speaks a thousand words. “It not only conveys your message but also sets you in the context of the event or situation you want to share. Photography has in fact become a medium which we use in our lives and we are so much involved in it these days that we want to capture every moment in an image and share it with others throughout the world. The ease to access technology enables to do anything in real time.

Imagine, now, if you as a brand could share the special moments and be part of it that each of us wants to share with our friends. Imagine that, in a subtle and conspicuous manner, you could be in a picture with your friend at London, sharing this image impose some credibility on the image that you wouldn’t get from simply the picture on its own. That’s how photo marketing works and authenticates the experience by linking it to a particular brand and proving what you said or did in a way to enhance rather than detracting it from your achievement. So, make your brand popular by joining in the experience with your friend or group and enjoy the benefits of word of mouth advertising.