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PhotoSnap Marketing at VapeJam UK 2015



8 MAY 2015 to 9 MAY 2015

In London UK for the first time ever an exhibition dedicated solely to the vaping industry. The doors opened to manufactures from around the world, vendors and vapers who joined in to the array of activities and shows.

PhotoSnap Marketing played a huge role within the event providing unforgettable memorabilia to all attendees. Fun and engaging media capture, live as it happens and instantly available in the social media for the world to view, comment and share.

Two methods of media capture was deployed using the PhotoSnap marketing technology. The first method was near the entrance with a Galaxy Camera NX on a tripod and a branded backdrop. The second method was the “walkabout”, where a confident event staff armed with an iPad will engage the attendee and capture photos and videos. 

The first method using the Galaxy Camera NX  on a tripod attracted the attendee to the attraction point. At the event people were queuing up to have their picture taken in front of the backdrop. A very quick process, take picture, hand them a memorabilia QR card and a quick explanation as to what to do with it. The photographer encourages to share the photo and have more pictures taken and added to the card during the event.

The second method was more fun and engaging for the attendees and the event staff taking part. The event staff became the brand ambassador, engaging an promoting the brand. Event staff Anita was having lots of fun, having a chat, taking photos and handing out memorabilia QR cards. 


Quite often she would draw crowds as people wanted to get in on the group photos. 

There was a moment where she stood on stage and took a picture of the crowd, handed them all a QR card and asked them all to scan and share all at the same time, creating a huge buzz in the social media. The crowd all participated and enjoyed the activity. 

To encourage more sharing two of her friends, also event staff, joined in to help. Wearing branded teeshirts they conveniently positioned themselves to have their picture taken with the event attendees. They captured many photos and had lots of fun doing it. 

Watch PhotoSnap at VapeJamUK 2015 video: