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PhotoSnap used independently by our customers globally

tuf clothing

Photosnap marketing is successfully being used independently by our customers globally. Our registration process and admin panel is very user friendly which can be used from anywhere in the world without any technical support. TUF clothing used photosnap marketing independently in their booth at world of dance event in LasVegas, USA. They used a backdrop and took pictures of their attendees in front of the back drop using android device. Email option was used to instantly giveaway the pictures. In the end they collected vast amount of data and created massive social media buzz.

Ink Badger


Inkbadger from Florida used PhotoSnap marketing independently in the Blooming With Autism Live Auction Art show which was a charity event for Autism. They also used a back drop to attract attendees to take pictures and used the email method to giveaway instant branded pictures. They collected a lot of data to promote awareness for Autism and also created viral autism awareness in the social media.

Ink Badger


PhotoSnap marketing is the most effective way of marketing your brand, cause and event. Simply register and log in to our admin panel to start using for your next big promotion. Don’t wait start your viral marketing NOW!!

PhotoSnap Marketing at VapeJam UK 2015



8 MAY 2015 to 9 MAY 2015

In London UK for the first time ever an exhibition dedicated solely to the vaping industry. The doors opened to manufactures from around the world, vendors and vapers who joined in to the array of activities and shows.

PhotoSnap Marketing played a huge role within the event providing unforgettable memorabilia to all attendees. Fun and engaging media capture, live as it happens and instantly available in the social media for the world to view, comment and share.

Two methods of media capture was deployed using the PhotoSnap marketing technology. The first method was near the entrance with a Galaxy Camera NX on a tripod and a branded backdrop. The second method was the “walkabout”, where a confident event staff armed with an iPad will engage the attendee and capture photos and videos. 

The first method using the Galaxy Camera NX  on a tripod attracted the attendee to the attraction point. At the event people were queuing up to have their picture taken in front of the backdrop. A very quick process, take picture, hand them a memorabilia QR card and a quick explanation as to what to do with it. The photographer encourages to share the photo and have more pictures taken and added to the card during the event.

The second method was more fun and engaging for the attendees and the event staff taking part. The event staff became the brand ambassador, engaging an promoting the brand. Event staff Anita was having lots of fun, having a chat, taking photos and handing out memorabilia QR cards. 


Quite often she would draw crowds as people wanted to get in on the group photos.

There was a moment where she stood on stage and took a picture of the crowd, handed them all a QR card and asked them all to scan and share all at the same time, creating a huge buzz in the social media. The crowd all participated and enjoyed the activity. 

To encourage more sharing two of her friends, also event staff, joined in to help. Wearing branded teeshirts they conveniently positioned themselves to have their picture taken with the event attendees. They captured many photos and had lots of fun doing it. 

Watch PhotoSnap at VapeJamUK 2015 video: 

Best techniques for event marketing



Marketing any event requires a lot of thinking. You have to think upon the kind of people who you want to be your audience and the marketing strategies to use for promoting your offering. To reach maximum number of prospective clients, make sure to create a positive strategy and make sure to adhere to it.

In a crazy world with various types of offerings, marketing messages are fighting with each other to get noticed. Even a marketer doesn’t know which campaign has got your message to maximum people. On the other hand, customers would much rather be spared to high decibel messages and want sufficient information to make any purchase decision.

To offer a solution on this, event marketing fits and over time, it has emerged as a stronger concept that goes beyond just sponsorship. Most of the marketers are using events as a platform for greater interaction between their brand and the customers and this adds a human dimension to the entire process of communication.

Such type of marketing offers a perfect platform to get the sole right to the customer’s mind with lower chances of any distortion of the message. Also, it gives an opportunity to get quick feedback from the customer and the communication can be modified accordingly.

We can say that any form of event marketing is an effective way to build a brand name and stimulate sales. The form of marketing to use depends on the type of business. For instance, a tradeshow or a launch party can be a great way to introduce a new gadget or vehicle while a simple product tasting or sample distribution can be planned for a product like tea or coffee. All these marketing tactics brings value to the target audience.

Try to involve more people into the job by getting any local celebrity or inviting the brand ambassador of the product or service. Use crowd pulling tactics and make efforts to invite a person with lots of contacts as they could help you to make more and more people turn to your event. Make your event like an interesting party and the strategy must be attuned to promote the offerings in an indirect way.

Last but not the least, be respectful in all your promotional activities and do not discriminate against race, sex or education as it will help to get a positive turnout. Give all the information required by the attendees clearly to enhance participation.

How to market the event creates a difference in the number of people who turn up to your event and make sure to follow good marketing strategies and it will help to get maximum benefit.

Reasons to follow event marketing



Event marketing strategies leads to brand promotion by display or promotion of a product service or any organization to leverage personal engagement. Any event can be planned online or offline, hosted or sponsored. The promotion can be done by via inbound and outbound techniques of marketing.

Today, we live in buyer-empowered world where every marketer wants to seize different opportunities to build strong relationships with customer, develop goodwill, and create trust among potential customers and clients. The modern consumers are not attracted just by a sales pitch to make their purchase decision. Think of a unique sales pitch by planning events. Events offer an opportunity to know different products and marketing technology that different companies are adopting to get a sense of company’s focus and perspective.

Events must be organized in such a way to lay an effective impact. Although, the impact depends on the goals but most of the company’s events create a long lasting impression on the minds of the customers. 

There are various reasons that motivate companies to follow event marketing. A small company wants to get exposure and a large company needs personal interaction with target audience. Take a look to know why most of the companies consider participating in event:

Brand Positioning and Customer Awareness 

One of the key reason for event participation is brand positioning. Any type of event marketing allows the company to establish its identity. It gives a perfect platform to share ideas, benefits and name among prospects and create maximum customer awareness. 

Lead Generation 

Another reason that motivates event participation is that events give a platform to generate leads. Infact, it’s one of the best ways to target demographic and help a company to interact with prospective clients and create their interest. 

Customer Engagement and Up sell 

Events offer the best chance for personal interaction with unparallel level of customer engagement. It helps marketer to realize biggest return by making new customers. At events, you will get an opportunity to up sell by launching the products or services and making them address their requirements. 


Some people attend different types of events for networking and to get information on latest products or services in the market. Both these factors affect sales. Although, it doesn’t matter as what type of event you are participating rather it is important to impart the best knowledge to the target audience so that they will value your offerings and sets your company apart from others. 

All these reasons will definitely bring success and increase revenue to your company.

For road shows and movie premiere

PhotoSnap for movie premiere


The photosnap photo marketing system is a must for any road shows or movie premiers. You can take photos of your fans with a background frame of your movie or album cover or any graphics image and give them the ultimate experience.Your fans will be super happy and your movie or show will get the top most exposure. You can hold contests through the one page site during photo retrieval.Your fans will make your movie or show go viral by sharing their photos online and taking about it in various social media and among their friends.

For weddings

PhotoSnap for weddings


If your a wedding reception hall owner the photosnap photo marketing system is perfect for you. You can offer this service along side catering and others. You can offer to take photo of the guests and give away access cards with your venue logo and theme. Everyone loves taking photos in weddings and not everyone brings their own camera with them so your photo marketing service will be well appreciated.The guests will remember your amazing service and remember to recommend your venue to all their friends and family. By sharing their photos online they will spread the words furthermore to everyone they know. Your venue will get the ultimate exposure it needs.

For restaurants

PhotoSnap for restaurant


Photo snap photo marketing system is ideal for any restaurants. When ever your having a special event such as music night, an occasion to celebrate or generally you can use our photo marketing system to take photo and give the access card to your customers. You can even put a discount coupon or a free drinks in the access card. The photos and the cards will have your restaurant name and logo on it.Your customers will be very happy that they get their photos taken and will share the photo online with their friends and family thus spreading your restaurant name and recommending it to others. The more happy the customer the more business for you.

For festivals and expos

Festival and expo


The photosnap photo marketing system is the best solution for promoting your business or product in any festivals and expos. You can get your employee or hire one of our photographers to use photo snap system in your stall or all round the festival and expo taking photos of the visitors and handing out access code cards. The visitor will never throw away the access card with your company or product branding on it and keep it as a keepsake for future reference. Therefor those visitors will always remember your company. They will also share their photo with your brand frame in social media and recommend your company to friends.This unique method will make your visitors happy and will become a never forgetting moment for them. They will keep using your company or product for your overwhelming approach.

For the Club

PhotoSnap for the club


If you are a club owner you will love our unique photosnap system. Its the best from of photo marketing.How cool it would be if you have someone walking around your club taking photos and giving out cards to the people with your club brand on it. Your customers will love it. Everybody loves taking photos when their having a good time. Partying hard. Not only will your club get exposure when everybody shares their photo online but also your customers will be happy to have the remembrance of the good time they had at your club and recommend your club to their friends and family. Its a win win for both.