Frequently asked questions


My brand requires a more customised solution

We are here to help! We offer a multitude of services for large brands and events.

  • Fully customise the Photo retrieval page to meet your requirements.
  • Transfer the Photo Retrieval Page to your official website (increase traffic)
  • Design, print and deliver SnapCards (including die-cut).
  • Professional printing service. Brochures, leaflets, CD’s, wristbands or wherever you can place a QR code.

Contact us for our custom service or call +44 (0) 20 7096 3966


Can I try this before I buy?

Yes you can! When you register and become a new member you will have a full 30 days Free Trial of our Event Package. If you love it, you can upgrade at any point and continue marketing your brand.


I just purchased the Brand Package, how do I now replace the bottom banner?

Thank you for purchasing our best value package. Just email us your bottom banner whenever you want it changed and we’ll do it for you. Here’s an idea, ask other brands to place their brand logo or deals on your bottom banner, it might be a very good way to increase your revenue from those brands.


Is there an auto-renewal contract for me to cancel?

Of course not! There are no contracts for you to cancel. At the end of your 30 days Free Trial your account will not auto-renewal. Once you have paid for your renewal you can keep using the account until the end of the period you’ve paid for and pay for another 30 days when you wish to do so.


How can I pay?

For monthly subscription plan click on a SIGN UP button above. Then check your details and if you have a promo code enter it here and click purchase. Then you’ll be taken to a SSL protected PayPal page where you can either enter your credit card details or your PayPal details to check out. Once complete you will return back to your PhotoSnap admin panel.