Frequently asked questions

Photo Branding

What size should the overlay graphic be?

To create a banner that fills the bottom of the photo from edge to edge, make your graphic 1280 pixels wide. To put a logo in the bottom right corner, try a 300 x 300 graphic. The height can vary; a graphic that is 1280 wide and 960 tall will fill a horizontal photo. Save your file as a PNG graphic with transparency.


Can I do a full frame overlay?

Yes. Design your graphic either as 1280x960 for horizontal (landscape) or 1280 wide x 1707 tall for vertical (portrait). But keep in mind that full frame overlays will only look good in the orientation that they were designed for. So if the photographer rotates the camera the wrong way, the results won't look good.


What type of images work best?

We recommend either a logo in the bottom right corner or a banner that runs along the bottom. A banner 300 pixels tall and 1280 pixels wide looks good in both portrait and landscape, and doesn't cover too much of the image.


I need some help!

We can help you with graphics questions or with special requests like positioning the graphic along the top of the image or centered. Just chat with us or email admin@photosnapmarketing.com